Teneisha Bonner

Friday, January 29, 2010

Teneisha Bonner, UK dancer and actress has just finished another run as lead character "Spinderella" in hit West End show Into the Hoods. You might see her popping up now and again as assistant to the Creative Director of UK dance company Zoonation Kate Prince on BBC's "So You Think You Can Dance" as well as countless videos, tours and music shows.

Soon to be featured in a supporting role in film Streetdance, Teneisha is one of the most talented and gifted dancers I know as well as being an all round lovely and kind woman.
Teneisha has been a friend of mine for years and was a bridesmaid at my wedding, so when she asked me to do the makeup for her new comp card I happily obliged...and here are the results!! Look out for Teneisha in cinemas near you :-)
Photography Mark Barnfield http://www.markbarnfield.net/
Hair Diana Francis http://www.dianafrancis.co.uk/

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