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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last week Tuesday 6th April, I was given the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine... shooting underwater baby!! Let me just fill you in. Its a rarity to shoot underwater...

1.COST!! Its sooooo expensive. You are looking at between £60-£100 per HOUR to hire a pool!!! 2. You have to have the right equipment to house your camera otherwise its going to get wet boo!
3. You have to find a confident model that is not going to swallow water and potentially drown while posing underwater...
So when I saw a casting on Model Mayhem to shoot with Middlesex Uni student Daisy Hollingdale, I jumped at the chance. Daisy thankfully like my work and allowed me to come on board :-) How does one makeup one's face for underwater I was thinking? You cant use powder as it would melt so thats eyeshadows/blushers out the window. use cream/grease based products. I started researching all different kinds of waterproof cream based makeup. Luckily awesome brand MAC Cosmetics products are just the thing for the job. They have a foundation called Face and Body which holds up well, their Studio Finish concealers and Cream Blushers/Cream Colour Bases are awesome and do not budge!! I used their Paint Pot cream eyeshadows and their Lipsticks are grease based so they didnt come off either! Result! Here are a couple of backstage pics for now the full shoot will be coming soon :-)

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  1. oooh i've always wanted to shoot under water! look forward to seeing the pictures :)

  2. that's my next thing.. and Alison you couldn't wait could you lol