When you get to Warwick Ave, meet me by the tube..

Friday, September 17, 2010

On Wednesday, awesome photographer Antonina Dolaniecka, Super cool stylist Sophie Ono, beautiful model Rebecca from Zone models and myself met by the tube at Warwick Avenue, London for a fun filled shoot day. Our plan was to shoot by Little Venice and work our way up the canal. We found a bench to start hair and makeup, shivering in the wind and then baking when the sun came out....the weather is bonkers at the moment! Once we were done we walked along to the gate that led down to the canal but it was locked! Ive got to say a thankyou to John Pepperpot who very kindly let us in....we made our way to a picture perfect spot. Bless Rebecca who stripped to her underwear to get changed, braving the wind and a couple of odd stares!

All was good and the team was vibing when a lady who owned on of the barges that were docked by the edge of the canal came out. "Errrrrr, have you got a permit to shoot here?" I was like "No" feigning surprise. I kinda had a feeling we might need to but we thought it would be ok. I wont be rude but she was one of those ladies that have a little too much time on her hands and should probably get a hobby. There were loads of people along the canal who didnt have a problem. She was like "You need to get permission from the British Waterways Authority". I was like "Errrr ok, we'll go now" so we shuffled along and found a awesome spot with dried sunflowers and another really nice man let us shoot by his boat. We got through another outfit which was made complete by a giant snood. (You have to see it, I cant explain but its hot!)
Then, I made a fatal mistake. Sophie and I needed the toilet so I ran up to the gate to see if it was open. As I reached the gate, who should I see? Annoying, bossy, anal retentive woman :-(
''I thought you had gone?" she barked. I thought I would try the 'kill them with kindness' tactic and apologized/pleaded with the ratty haired crone. I couldnt believe what happened next, she came off her barge and was like ''c'mon''.....she then frogmarched us all the way to the end of the canal, '' Im gonna call the British Waterways Authorities if you dont leave!'' she then opened a locked gate and threw us out! We reluctantly picked up our things and walked out. It took every bone in my body not to have a go at her, but Im pleased to say I held it together :-)
Anyways we still manage to get some awesome images. Ive attached one as a preview:-)

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