Andrea from M and P models...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A couple of weeks ago photographer Kurtay Okan, stylist Sophie O, model Andrea Chovanova and myself descended upon Canary Wharf to attempt to shoot a fashion editorial....I say attempt because 1. security is super high on the Canary Wharf complex, if they catch you boy, there will be hell to pay and 2.the wind chill factor was easily about -2 degrees... in the sun. Im not joking.
Model Andrea from M and P models is not only super beautiful but super human to resist the biting wind wearing only chiffon harem pants, PVC leggings and a plastic chest plate...without complaining once! I on the other hand looked like a Tibetan goad herder I had that many clothes and could be heard whimpering every time the wind blew.
The attempt, Im pleased to say was very successful and M and P agency were very happy as they used several of the images for Andrea's model card.

Roll on summer sheesh kebabs.... :-)

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