2013...World Domination!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After a massive hiatus....I back! My poor blog has been neglected over the past year due to being super, hyper, feet-haven't-touched-the-ground busy!! I can't complain because it has been absolutely fantastic but it means that I haven't been able to share all the wonderful things I have been up to over the past 12 months!

A Summer of back to back weddings including a bridal client in the Amalfi Coast, beautifying the French Olympic Team on the Eurostar for their Homecoming Celebrations, Autumn/Winter '12 and Spring/Summer '13 campaigns for Virgos Lounge, and an amazing photo shoot in a fancy country hotel only just scratches the surface...It's been amazing but exhausting!

Backstage @ Virgos Lounge A/W12 campaign.
Without a doubt THE best party dresses ever. Seriously.

One of my stunning brides getting married
at the Four Seasons, Park Lane

Flower fun on location at Coworth Park, Ascot

Real life Silver Olympic Medal!!
I actually held this bad boy with
my own hands!

I'm not really one for New Years resolutions but I have made a decision for 2013 to blog on a more regular basis. My friend and all time favourite photographer Bandele Zuberi suggested that I put aside one morning every other week or so to commit solely to blogging. I like that idea and am planning on sticking to it but as the year pans out and I'm in a whirlwind of weddings, makeup lessons, washing my brushes and keeping my kit organised we shall see!

So keep visiting me here, I have a lot of exciting projects coming up in 2013 including a bridal client in The Algarve in April (get ready for epic swoon worthy wedding pictures!)
See you soon...

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